Friday, March 12, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, I have asked you to consider all of the additives that your food processors place in your food. Your first problem is that it is sometimes difficult to trace the place of origin of your food. In foreign countries they could add poisons to your food before it even comes into your country. You have seen salmonella contaminants and melamine that could have come from the country of origin. Examine where most of your imported food comes from, as China and South America, and you should be concerned about cheap products and their quality. Some manufacturers add preservatives and others use fillers that are unnatural and could cause cancer. Some use dyes and nitrites to make meats look good. Pesticides can also poison your foods. Some use gene altered food crops which may have long term health issues. Your foods have become so adulterated with additives that they could cause harm to your health. That is why more people are desiring natural organic food with original seeds that are without hybrids. If you are personally concerned about your food sources, then investigate the additives on the ingredient labels, and research their effects on the body.”

(Camille Remacle Mass intention) Camille said: “I understand your question about my change in my love for God because I am ashamed that I did not love God more in my earlier life. I must admit that if it were not for your prayers, I may not have been allowed a death bed conversion. It was the mercy of God that saved me, and your Masses, like today, that further allowed me into heaven. I was in purgatory briefly, and it was very difficult to suffer purification there. I understand now that to come to heaven, you need to give up all of your earthly desires and seek only God’s love. Once you experience God’s love, all you want to do is share it with everyone. This is what is driving me to help souls in our family to be close to God’s love. I would like to give more signs to Vic, but you need to send angels and blessed salt and medals to help disable all the demons that are around him and influencing him. Only then could he be open to any physical signs. I love all of you, and keep praying for my intercession in your prayers.”