Friday, June 6, 2008: (St. Norbert)

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing many unsuspecting souls leaving their dead bodies as they were being called home to Me. These souls were from those who died in your violent tornadoes. There also were other souls being taken up from the deaths of the unborn babies in abortion. These two streams of souls that were mingling is a sign to you America, that some of these tornadoes are being sent as a punishment for your ongoing killing of babies in your abortions. Your death culture people are enhancing these storms with the HAARP machine and they are indirectly killing people. They have promoted abortions through your trumped up court decisions. Now you are seeing in your news how your leaders trumped up lies about your intelligence to start this five year old war in Iraq. Even with this evidence, why are your people still listening to the same lies to continue this war? It is time to end these useless wars. You are an occupation army that needs to leave these people to form their own government without your influence. Reject the lies of this death culture, and maybe you could stop this endless stream of souls leaving their bodies prematurely.”
Jesus said: “My people, you have been witnessing an unusual amount of tornadoes this year and higher death levels as well. The size and intensity of these tornadoes have also been quite violent. I am showing you a very vivid picture of a home destroyed, and the problems that family would go through to get back on their feet. Some families may have insurance to rebuild, but others may not have coverage for full replacement. There are many disasters that occur in America, but help from your government and other countries is very sparse. America helps other countries, but other countries do not help you in your disasters. It is still good to help others, even when you know you may not receive anything in return. Pray for your families who are facing these disasters and contribute to aid groups that may help them.”

I asked Jesus if there was a message for our coming trip to Betania in August, 2008. Jesus said: “My dear pilgrims, your Betania IV group has been very faithful in your prayers, and very loving in your friendship with the Bianchini Family. This time that you are traveling could see some difficulties in your travel because of the strained airlines in their expenses and cutbacks in flights and employees. You will also have to deal with strained relationships between America and Venezuela. Be comforted that My Blessed Mother always watches over her little pilgrims. You should pray for a safe trip, and many graces will be given to those who make the effort to come to the Shrine of My Blessed Mother in Betanina.”