Friday, June 5, 2009: (St. Boniface)

Jesus said: “My people of America, a time will come when it will be illegal to fly the American flag. That is the meaning of the vision of seeing a flagpole without seeing the American flag. Your flag has seen desecration by some burning the flag, but when your country is taken over, you will be fortunate to find such a flag. Your leaders are already making plans for your country’s demise in forming the North American Union (NAU) of America, Mexico, and Canada. Under NAFTA these three countries are the targets for takeover. Under this one world plan, all Americans will lose their sovereign rights that were guaranteed by your Constitution and your Bill of Rights. You will then be the puppets of the one world government. This will be brought about by a fake emergency that will precipitate martial law and the Executive orders will be in place giving power over to a foreign army. Before martial law is declared, My people will be warned to quickly leave for My refuges. This time of persecution will be why you need to seek the protection of My angels at My refuges. Those, who do not leave in time, could be captured and martyred for their faith in Me. Pray to Me to be strong during this crisis, but have no fear because I will protect you.”
Jesus said: “My people, My Church is going through a crisis for most bishops who have to deal with declining attendance, less collections, and fewer priests. Each diocese has many organizations and buildings to maintain. As the recession has decreased family’s incomes, it is hard to ask for more donations. As with most businesses that take in less revenue, they have to cut staff and cut expenses. This is the same problem with My Church that will have to cut expenses and staff according to the decline in attendance and lower collections. When the revenue does not pay to keep a church open, some churches have had to be closed. It is difficult choosing which churches should close, and you need to pray for your bishops and planning groups to make the right choices. You have seen this problem most in the city churches where there are poor parishes, but now this problem is coming into the suburbs as well. Pray that My faithful will have enough churches to provide them Mass, My sacraments, and a sense of belonging to a parish they can call home. Pray also that My faithful will remain strong in their faith and not grow lax in their prayer life.”