Friday, June 26, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, in the Old Testament and in the New Testament you are seeing promises from Us made to man that We will bring things about according to Our Will. In the first reading you are seeing a promise made to Abraham that in his old age Sarah will give birth to a son. Even though nature would not allow such births, with Me all things are possible. Isaac was indeed born and from him and Ismael there would be many descendants as the stars in the sky. In the New Testament you have My promise of salvation in My very Incarnation as a man. I performed many miracles as today’s healing of a leper, but the most important miracle, which sealed My Covenant, was My Resurrection from the dead. This was My victory over sin and death which opened the gates of heaven and gave everyone an opportunity to be saved by My worthy sacrifice. Rejoice in My miracles which are still going on, and see that I keep My promises out of love for man and the truth of My Word. I am calling on all of you to make your own promise or covenant of love to consecrate everything of your life over to Me out of love for Me. It is by My love that you have your miracle of life, and it is by your love for Me that you can be with Me for all eternity in heaven.”
Jesus said: “My people, when you come to My refuges, you will have to do some farming in growing crops and taking care of any animals, providing there is enough land. For farming you will need some non-hybrid seeds that I will multiply, and you will need fertilizer from the animal wastes. Planting, harvesting, and storing crops may have to be done with animals where you have no gasoline or electricity. You will become an agricultural society without the need of your electronic entertainment. Your simpler life will give you more time to pray and be close to Me in the nature around you. You will give thanks to Me for My angels protecting you, and for multiplying your food, dwellings, and heating fuel. Pray for My help so you may adjust to this style of living which will help make saints out of you.”