Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday, June 18, 2010:
Jesus said: “My people, I have told you many times how all of your good deeds for your neighbor will gain you more treasure in heaven than any thanks that you receive on earth. On the other hand, if you receive money and tax advantages for your work, then you already have received your reward on earth. There are some people, as in the vision, who struggle all through their lives to amass fortunes in earthly wealth. Then once they have acquired a large amount of money, they are content that they will be able to live a life of luxury. This is just like the parable of the rich man who tore down his smaller barns to build bigger ones so he could store all of his harvest. But then his life was required of him and I asked: ‘To whom will all of this wealth go to?’ Those, who store up riches for themselves without sharing, are never content to have enough, and they are rarely happy in this life because money is cold without love. But those, who store up riches in heaven, are much more joyful in sharing what they have with others. Money and possessions do not satisfy the soul because they please only the senses. I emphasized that wherever your treasure is, there is your heart also. If your treasure is in your possessions on earth, then your heart is wrapped in the love of worldly things. But if your treasure is in heaven with Me, then your heart is in love with Me. Keep your heart focused on Me with your goal on heaven because you are a spiritual being with a soul that can only be satisfied with being with Me in heaven for all eternity.”

Jesus said: “My people, in the original Health Bill in the House there was a provision for setting up a National Database with a National ID appointed to those in the new plan. This will eventually be expanded to include everyone as you approach a National Health Plan. In order to verify your Health ID number, there was an original plan to use implantable microchips as the Verichip. Because many complaints were heard for using chips in the body, the government plan may start with a smart card first. Later, a chip will be placed in the body. Even if you cannot find the word ‘implantable’ in the final version that was signed, it will eventually be decreed in some fashion as your driver’s licenses and passports now require microchips. The evil ones running your government have planned for years to use chips in the body to control you, and they will carry out mandatory chips in the body in due time. Continue your research to follow when they plan to implement chips in the body for everyone. Trust in Me to protect you at My refuges when you will need to leave your homes.”