Friday, June 12, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, there has finally been a recognition that the Swine flu has spread over all the nations of the world enough to call it a pandemic disease. Even though there has been a lot of cases in the United States, fortunately, not many have died as yet. Even your health people are concerned that if this Swine flu mutates, it could prove more deadly when the flu season begins in October with the colder weather. In reality this is a man-made disease and the perpetrators of this disease can make a more virulent form that could be distributed by chemtrails or even by flu shots themselves. If you see many people dying from such a new and deadlier form of this pandemic virus, then this will be a sign to you to call on Me and I will have your angels guide you to protection and a cure at My refuges. Looking on My luminous cross or drinking the healing spring water will cure any disease or sickness. This killing of people by a pandemic virus is another reason to go to My refuges in addition to world famine, division in My Church, and martial law. Give praise and thanks to Me for providing a safe haven for My faithful.”
(Robin & Enzio Romano Wedding) Jesus said: “My people, it is always a great celebration when a couple gets married in the church. Marriage should be a life long commitment, and getting married in the church is a statement about how serious they are taking their vows. Having a Mass for the wedding is also an invitation to Me to be a part of their marriage. Matrimony is a sacrament and My grace will be with both spouses helping them in their marriage. All those, who are present in the church today, are giving witness to the sacramental life of this couple. Your presence is also a support for this newly married couple and they will look to you for advice and counsel. Their parents have trained them in the faith so they will be responsible to follow their vows, and be faithful to each other. Love is a gift that both spouses can share together, and it is a treasure for lasting marriages. Married love gives even more purpose to your life in your human existence. Give glory and praise to Me for bringing this couple together in marriage.”