Friday, July 4, 2014

Friday, July 4, 2014: (Independence Day)
Jesus said: “My people of America, you have been blessed in the work of your documents, and your pledge of allegiance to put My Name there to shine brightly as your reason for your success. When you honor Me and love Me, you will have plentiful food and resources. Your people have been hard working, and you have had many inventors that have helped your economy. Unfortunately, you have the one world people who are undermining your morality, your families, and your jobs. These evil atheists actually worship Satan, and they are bringing your country down militarily and economically. It is hard for individuals to fight this evil because the money has corrupted your legislators so they are only following Satan’s plans instead of My plans. Your families are torn apart with many living in mortal sin from their fornication and homosexual acts. It will take My Warning to bring some back to the faith, but the majority will be against you and they will follow the Antichrist. I will protect My faithful remnant at My refuges. Those, who take the mark of the beast and worship the Antichrist, will be lost, as they will be cast into hell when I bring My Comet of Chastisement at the end of the tribulation. Remain faithful to Me because evil people will control your country, and they will try to kill My faithful. Have no fear because I am more powerful than all the demons and evil people. You know the end of the story, and My victory will reign supreme over everyone.”

Jesus said: “My son, I want you to do some research on how many births, deaths, and abortions occurred in the U.S. in your recent statistics. (3,941,000 births June’12 to June’ 13; 2,468,435 deaths in 2011; 1,060,000 abortions in 2011) If you include the amount of abortions and the normal deaths, it is almost the same as the number of births. You can imagine all the lost talent that was lost in your abortions. It is a horror to see this many babies killed each year in America. These are less people who could be supporting you in your Social Security payments. I could list a lot of reasons that you should not kill My babies in abortion. It offends Me greatly because these acts are mortal sins of premeditated murder. Most abortions are for convenience, or to save face of embarrassment. You cannot put a price on a human life, as in the cost of an abortion. The doctors are partly to blame for these abortions, because they are collecting blood money for their grisly work of disposing of these little bodies. Try to persuade these mothers to have their children, instead of killing them. Also, have compassion for those mothers who had abortions because they have to live with this guilt for their whole lives. I will forgive these sins, but they should be confessed in Confession.”