Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday, July 3, 2015: (St. Thomas, our 50th Wedding Anniversary)
Jesus said: “My son, many people are congratulating you on your 50th anniversary of marriage, and this is a major milestone in your lives. You are an inspiration of commitment to a proper marriage of a man and a woman. In your society you are seeing many divorces, and even a flaunting of gay marriage in your courts. In the beginning I made Adam and Eve as your original parents, and they brought up their children in an environment of love. You are seeing many attacks on the family, and this is why I encourage spouses to pray together in order to stay together. Even your friend, Ferdinand, gave you examples of how he and Barbara prayed together. I am the third partner in your marriage as you keep close to Me every day at Mass. I love all of you, and you know how I call My Church My bride, and I am the Groom. This love between spouses is a small example of even the love between the Three Persons of Our Blessed Trinity. If your world was more focused on loving Me and each other, there would not be so much fighting and killing.”

Jesus said: “My people, as long as your heart keeps beating, you are responsible for the mission or missions that I have given you. This latest mission of preparing an interim refuge is a sign to you that your time is short before I will bring My Warning. Once you have this life review, you will be called to evangelize your family and any other souls who believe in Me. After the conversion time, you will see many fast moving events that will lead up to a takeover of your government. When the chip in the body is mandatory, and there is a financial collapse, then you will be led to My refuges of protection from those who want to kill Christians. Your refuge life will be rustic with the bare necessities, and I will multiply what you need to survive. You need to finish your basement and lawn preparations, as well as the rest of your needs for your chapel. Do not spend so much of your time on other tasks that take away from your prayers and your refuge needs. I will help you in all of your preparations.”