Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday, July 27, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, you have just read the Parable of the Sower who was sowing the Word of God and the coming of the Kingdom to various souls. The first souls mentioned are the atheists, who hear the Word of God, but they reject Me for other gods. This is the seed that fell on the pathway. The second souls are the lukewarm, and they are represented in the seed that falls on the rocks, but the Word fails in those souls because they have no roots and the seed withers and dies. The third souls are those, who accept My Word for a time, but as they grow up, the desires and concerns of the world choke off their faith. This is the seed that falls upon thorns and weeds. The fourth souls are the seed that falls upon rich soil and they yield fruit a hundred, sixty, and thirty fold. My faithful have been given a gift of faith, but just like a plant, they need to nourish their faith with the grace of My sacraments. You need the sun to grow plants, and you need My Light when you come to adore Me in My Blessed Sacrament at Adoration. Once you have grown in your faith, now you need to share your faith with others by evangelizing people to the faith. The power of the Holy Spirit will give you what to say, and by saving souls, this will be the fruit that you can bear. Rejoice in the joy of My love, and rejoice in bringing new souls to the faith so they can enjoy My love and peace as well.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have looked back through history to see how different civilizations dealt with various forms of money. The best sources of money came from non-debt money. At times you have seen Colonial script, greenbacks, and gold and silver coins. These currencies had one thing in common in that they did not require interest to be paid in order to produce the money. When your Congress prints money or coins money, then you do not owe interest to anyone. Your country prospered the most without involving the Federal Reserve Notes. Once you allowed the Federal Reserve, or the central bankers, to control the money, now you are under their control. It is the one world people’s wars and your entitlement overspending that has expanded your National Debt to $16 trillion with $60 trillion or more in promises to provide for Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. It is just a matter of time before your dollar will be crashed in preparation for the ‘amero’ which is the currency of the North American Union. These central bankers want to control the amount of money so they can create recessions, depressions, and recoveries. Their next objective is to crash the dollar so they can use America’s bankruptcy to declare martial law. This would make your President a dictator under his Executive Orders. Once the euro and the dollar crash, you will need to come to My refuges of protection because there will be chaos over no money and killing for food. Have some bartering coins of silver and gold, extra food, some cash, camping equipment, and extra fuel ready for when the banks will close. You may need these things before you come to My refuges. Once you are led to My refuges, My angels will protect you and provide for your needs. Have faith and trust in Me to lead you to safe places away from the evil ones.”