Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday, July 26, 2013: (St. Joachim & St. Ann-parents of Mary)
Jesus said: “My people, this is the feast day of My grandparents, and they were in the line of descent from King David, as was St. Joseph. I was known as the Son of David because of My parental heritage. My Blessed Mother was born to her parents later in life, and she was conceived without sin in the Immaculate Conception that the Church honors on December 8th. Because of the Blessed Mother’s miraculous conception, the parents dedicated her to the temple. She was without original sin at the beginning, and she lived her life in My Divine Will, without sin, throughout her life. She was sinless so she would be a pure tabernacle to hold Me in her womb for nine months. You can see that these two saints were part of salvation history in bringing Me as a man, Incarnate, into time for the salvation of the sins of mankind. Give thanks and honor to My Blessed Mother and her parents for helping to bring about your salvation.”

Jesus said: “My people, if you had a devastating earthquake along the New Madrid fault, you could have much damage to your buildings in the cities. This vision of gutted out buildings showed damage like the cities in England after a huge bomb attack. Such extensive damage could affect a large part of the middle of America along the Mississippi River. I have told you that the next large earthquake could occur on the New Madrid fault or the San Andreas fault in California. The location of the vision was more in the South. The HAARP machine has been active in this area before. If the damage is severe enough over a large area, this could be the excuse that the one world people could use to declare national martial law. Such enforcement by the military could cause riots or a revolution. Be prepared to leave your homes for My refuges when martial law is declared.”