Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday, July 20, 2012: (St. Appolinaris)
Jesus said: “My people, the Mosaic law about not doing any work on the Sabbath could be superceded when you may have to do some work in order to eat for survival. Even today this is abused by some places that force people to work at their job on Sunday. Honoring My day of worship on Sunday should at least take priority to come to church unless someone is truly sick. It is the spirit of the law that should be upheld, even if there are some exceptions. You used to have ‘blue laws’ that did not permit people to normally work on Sunday. Now, your society thinks nothing of working on Sunday, as this is just another sign of how America has stopped thinking about Me in My laws. Another part of this Gospel is how you are quick to criticize other people’s faults without thinking of improving your own faults. Do not make judgments on others because judgments should be left up to Me. Do not be hypocrites by committing the same sins that you are preaching against. Encouraging your children to attend Sunday Mass is good as long as you are trying to help their soul as your intention. I read the intentions of your actions in your heart, so live a Christian life as a good example to others.”