Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday, July 19, 2013:
Jesus said: “My people, in today’s first reading from Exodus, you read about the Jewish Passover that instructed the people to use a year old male lamb or goat without blemish. They were to kill the lamb and use the blood to sprinkle over the door posts and the lintel. In this way they were protected from the angel of death, who would see the blood and pass over that household. In the vision, you could see My Blood under the appearance of consecrated wine up close in the chalice. This one time sacrifice of My Blood was poured over My faithful people to protect them from the temptations of the devil, and it is an atonement for all the sins of mankind. Just as the Jewish people keep carrying out this Passover tradition each year, so My people share My Body and Blood in remembrance of Me at every Mass. The comparison of the Seder Supper to My first Mass at the Last Supper is a joining of both the New Testament and the Old Testament. After My death on the cross, there is no more need for further sacrificing of animals because My sacrifice is all that is required for your salvation.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have seen lightning and thunderstorms before, but recently there is a lot of violent wind associated with your rain storms. You have seen trees and branches knocked down with micro burst storms. You are also familiar with how the one world people are using the HAARP microwave machine to cause violent weather in making disasters. Power outages are being caused by the wind and the extreme heat. When high pressure systems are set up, they are put in place by altering the jet streams. These high pressure areas usually cause high temperatures with little wind. This is why you are seeing record high temperatures all over your country. This machine can be used to enhance tornadoes, hurricanes, and even small storms. It is this enhancement that causes storms to be violent with more lightning. The one world people are purposely causing disasters to facilitate their take over by using excuses for martial law. Be ready to leave your homes for My refuges when national martial law is declared.”