Friday, July 17, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, in the Bible you saw how various peoples worshiped various gods and idols. Even the Jewish people were divided over worshiping a golden calf. You may think that these idol worshipers were pagans and many of them were punished for not worshiping Me. Even today you still have people worshiping statues of the New Age and their crystals. There are even those who make people into gods or they idolize fame, money, or possessions. Whenever you put your earthly things before Me, you are giving more allegiance to these idols and gods than Me. I should be at the center of your lives because I created you for My purpose and not your own. You are a spiritual being and you are drawn to worship only Me because I am the only One worthy of your worship. This is why you are constantly seeking for peace in your soul, but you will only have peace when you let Me into your soul by accepting Me as your Lord and Master. Seek My forgiveness of your sins and you will also receive My grace to carry out your mission. So always worship Me only if you seek to be in heaven. Idol worshipers are choosing the broad road to hell. I am a jealous God and I want all of My children to adore only Me. Idols will gain you nothing, but worship of Me and obedience to My laws will gain you eternal life in heaven with Me.”
Jesus said: “My people, your latest talks from the news on climate control are nothing more than added government control over your gas usage, heating, and air-conditioning. It is true that your pollution needs to be cut back, but your alternative energy sources are not ready to replace your coal and oil usage. Passing carbon limitations will be very difficult to monitor, and if other countries do not do likewise, then your efforts will be in vain. You need to be able to make cheap fuel efficient vehicles so people can afford them. Conserving your energy usage can only change a small amount of your needs. When your government controls your health, the cars you buy, the Medicare and Social Security, and your finances, then you have socialism which is taking away your freedoms. Pray for your people in all of their employment, financial, and spiritual problems because you are about to see conditions that could lead to riots in the streets as people are stressed by all of this government control.”