Friday, July 10, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, there are some people who are always asking ‘What am I do to for the Lord?’ There are many ways that I communicate to My people, but you need to be open to understand My wishes for your life. Those, who make special visits to My tabernacle or where My monstrance exposes My Host, can listen to Me in contemplative prayer when I talk to your heart. Other times after Holy Communion there are words of love to you. Reading the Bible or My messages to My prophets and messengers are other sources. If you are truly seeking My Word and My direction, you can discern what fits into your life. The hardest part of this communication is to act on what you hear and are told. There may be a problem in accepting My mission because it may take you out of your comfort zone. Some think that My requests are too difficult to carry out. This is where faith in My help is really needed to give you the strength to take the first forward steps of My mission for your life. It is not easy to reach out to souls to evangelize them, but the rewards for your efforts will help bring you to heaven. Every time that you reach out to give spiritual help, there will be risks of rejection, and the devil will try to discourage your efforts with even open attacks on you or on those around you. Expect this resistance, but I will give you the power to endure these attacks so your work can bear fruit. Do not give up at the first confrontation, because every spiritual struggle will be worth saving even one soul. When you are open to work with Me to save souls, I will put many opportunities in your path, and those that you help will be grateful to you for sharing Myself with them.”
Jesus said: “My people, some time ago I gave you a message of terrorists making another attack on America in multiple cities. (Message of 6-19-09) This vision is another warning of such an attack. You have been warned recently in your censored news that FEMA is planning some martial law exercises at the end of this month. I have also given you messages that the one world people are planning an orchestrated incident to precipitate an emergency that would call for martial law. You have had exercises in the past that actually were a created cover for the real terrorist act. Such a coming drill could offer another opportunity for another attack whether planned or not. It is hard to tell if a real attack is happening during a drill for the same thing. With your economy down and unemployment at an all time high in recent years, your country is vulnerable to the results of an attack right now. Be prepared if another attack precipitates a call for national martial law. You will want to leave for your refuges by calling on My help so you will be protected from the evil ones who are looking to imprison religious people and patriots. You will be the targets for capture because of your defiance of the coming new world order. I have warned you that terrorist or false terrorist acts could trigger a call for martial law. Trust in My protection at My refuges where you will be invisible to your enemies in the one world people.”