Friday, January 8, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, you have heard the Gospel of My healing the leper of his disease, but it was his faith that healed him. This is true of physical healings and spiritual healings. There needs to be a desire to be healed in the body and the soul. Faith in My healing power also is needed in physical healings. Most important in spiritual healings is also a desire to seek My forgiveness in a person. You know that you can come to Me in Confession to have your sins forgiven, but you must make the forward act of making plans to go to Confession. You can have souls praying for you both on earth and in heaven, but each sinner needs the desire on their own to come forward to be cleansed, like this leper. Life is short and you may not always have the opportunity to confess your sins if you should die suddenly. This vision of darkness in a wooden frame represents a soul living in mortal sin. It is your duty as a Christian to warn people who are living in sin to wake up and convert their lives before it may be too late and they may lose their soul in hell. Do not worry if you are offending their emotions, but tell them that you love them and you are concerned about saving their soul.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are about to end the Christmas Season with the celebration of My Baptism in the Jordan River by St. John the Baptist. After this season is over, you will have some ordinary time before you prepare for another Season of Lent, followed by Easter. Every time, that you read My Scripture passages, you can get a new meaning out of the familiar words of a new cycle of readings. As you see this empty casket, you realize that My death on the cross for your sins is the reason for My coming in the first place. My victory over sin and death was completed in My Resurrection. Rejoice because those, who believe in My promises, will one day be united with Me as you are also resurrected with your glorified body. You have no idea of what beauty and glory awaits you when you arrive in heaven. Many of your relatives here are encouraging you and praying for you on your life’s journey through your daily temptations of the devil. I invite you to call on your relatives in heaven in prayer to help you and those who may be away from the faith.”

Camille: He said: “I have been asked why I have been turning on the lights at H.. and Donna’s house, and yes it is to try and help the family stay close to Jesus. I know H.. was disbelieving in my presence at first, but now he knows that it is real. I know H.. has a good heart, but I am sad that he has closed the door to Jesus in trying to use his gifts. Tell him that I am praying for him to return to church and give Jesus a second chance. For V.. I told you that he is in a great need of prayer help which all of you have been doing. I know he has some demons in his drugs and drinking, but if he continues, his life will be shortened. I have given him signs as well in fixing some things, and let me tell him that he can only be saved, if he allows Jesus to come into his life. He is searching for peace, but it can only come by praying to Jesus for help and forgiveness. He is a good hearted kid if he could stay off the drinking. His health and my leaving have been a problem, but he can still get out of his condition if he could look for some help. Keep praying for him and encourage him to change his ways, and his life will get better. I am praying for H.. and V.. to help save their souls because I love them.”