Friday, January 4, 2008: (St. Elizabeth Ann Seton)

Jesus said: “My people, I am warning you that in the end days there will be many false christs and deceivers trying to mislead My faithful, even in your churches.  Beware of those who teach false doctrine or New Age principles that only talk about man with no mention of God.  There will also be increasing persecutions from outside of My Church that will be threatening your freedom of religion.  Many of your rights, that you have grown up with, are going to be challenged as the one world people try to implement their new world order.  I have told you that you will need to be strong in your faith, but you also will need to be discerning that false teachings do not slip into your churches.  If someone teaches falsely, then challenge their interpretation.  Otherwise, if it persists, then leave that church.  Know that eventually, you will need to have your meetings in your homes, and then it will be time to leave for My refuges.  This division in My Church will be one of your signs to leave for My refuges.”
Jesus said: “My son, this focus on My crucifix in the vision means that you will be needing more prayer protection when you travel and give your talks.  You have seen several car accidents of your own and in your family that occurred from errant drivers.  This means continue to sprinkle holy water or blessed salt in your vehicle, and pray your prayers of exorcism and your rosaries for a safe trip.  Even have people pray for successful trips.  Pray for the people who are having you speak and to direct the right people to your talks.  This may appear as over cautious, but the spiritual attacks on you will be getting worse as the time of tribulation worsens.  The more spiritual protection that you can pray for, the more angels that will be there to protect you.  Your ultimate mission is to save souls and help the people to prepare for this evil age.  Pray also a prayer of thanksgiving after you arrive home safely.”