Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday, January 28, 2011: (St. Thomas Aquinas)
Jesus said: “My people, your privacy is being invaded by the curious eyes of the one world people. This vision is emphasizing how you are under constant surveillance as in Russia. These evil ones no longer need people to watch you because now they have high quality cameras to do their dirty work of spying. Some uses of cameras do aid in catching criminals, but this also enables the watching of innocent citizens. These people have placed microchips in your passports, your driver’s licenses, and even easy passes for paying your highway tolls. You have RFID (radio frequency identification) chips in everything that you buy, in your money, and in your stamps. All of your communications, charges, and queries on the internet, are all being recorded and stored in the ‘beast’ super computers. These one world people know all of your activities and any religious or patriotic persons are on lists to be eliminated when martial law is declared. You are only a short time away from a one world government take over, when it will be necessary to call on Me to have your guardian angels lead you to My nearest refuge. Be prepared also for My coming Warning that will wake up all sinners to see where their spiritual life is leading them. By daily prayers and monthly Confession, you can even be prepared for the day of your death and your judgment. Many of the events that I have warned you about will soon take place right before your eyes, so you cannot deny they are happening.”

Jesus said: “My people, in America you rarely see mass violence except drug killings in your cities. Now you are seeing drug cartels killing your people next to the border where thousands are entering illegally. In general Americans are wealthy compared to the poor in third world countries. You have been to Egypt and you have seen how destitute people are by where they live. This is why rioting protests are so foreign in your country where you mostly see responsible peaceful protests in Washington, D.C. If your people suddenly experienced hyperinflation so it was hard to live and obtain food, you could see a change in people’s attitude if their survival was at stake. Then you could imagine roaming mobs with guns seeking out any place with food. When people become violent looking for food, you will soon see martial law declared. Many could be killed in such riots, but this will be the time when My faithful will need to seek the protection of My refuges. The one world people in martial law will be looking to find and kill Christians and patriots as their targets for their new world order. If you see riots in your streets because of food shortages, bank failures, and anarchy, then you will be warned what to do. The evil ones leading the new world order will be run by Satan and the Antichrist, so seek My refuges by leaving your homes as soon as possible so you can avoid being killed or controlled with mind control.”