Friday, January 23, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, I have given you messages on chemtrails before, but they will have a bigger role in the one world people’s plan for takeover and control of the population. These chemtrails are being spread by both military and commercial airplanes. Up to now they have been spreading military grade viruses that cause diseases that weaken your immune system. This is why you need to build up your immune system with Hawthorn, herbs, and vitamins. As time progresses, these same one world people will be putting viruses in your flu shots, and they will be spreading more virulent viruses in the chemtrails so that there will be more deaths as they initiate their pandemic virus. This is why I want you to have some masks to wear that could help you not to breathe in these viruses. When you see many people sick and dying from these diseases, you will see another sign to call on Me and your guardian angels to lead you to the nearest refuge. When you look upon My luminous cross or drink the miraculous spring water, you will be healed of any pandemic virus. Be forewarned of these worse viruses in the chemtrails so you know how to avoid being killed by them.”
Jesus said: “My people, when you go to a funeral, it is trying for those mourning the loss of the deceased. As you look at their pictures, you gather a little insight into the life of the deceased. I am more concerned with a person’s spiritual life than just the physical things that they accomplished. This is why you have a better feeling of their destination if they were a spiritual and faithful person. As you think about how others have lived out their lives, it makes you wonder how people look at your own life. While you are still alive, you can still make your contributions in helping people physically and spiritually by conversions in your good example. By having many good deeds in your hands and a prayerful life, you are preparing yourself for your own judgment when your day of death comes. Keep close to Me in all that you do, and you will be assured of your reward in heaven.”