Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday, January 20, 2012: (St. Fabian)
Jesus said: “My people, beware of the demons who are roaming the earth to seek out the destruction of your souls. This vision of a large predatory fish is an example of what Satan and his demons are all about. There are many souls on earth under the control of Satan, but the souls, who are with Me, are his main targets for his temptations. So call on My angels and My graces to protect you from these evil ones who seek your destruction. These demons hate you because you can pray for the deliverance of souls that they have claimed for their own. So pray for your own soul, as well as for those souls around you in your family, your friends, and even those people who you do not know. Saving souls, and loving Me and your neighbors, are your most important goals in this earthly life.”

Jesus said: “My people, this vision of a blank canvas represents how each person starts out his or her life with a clean slate. I have given each person unique talents to carry out one’s mission in life. The first step in life is to be open to My directing you, and to avoid letting your will take you in an opposite direction. Until you let Me be the Master of your life, you will not be listening for My Word. If you come before My Blessed Sacrament and listen with your heart, you could be open to join your will with My Divine Will. When I give you My plan, it may not be easy to follow, and I may take you out of your comfort zone. Accepting My plan and carrying it out in your actions, is a big struggle. So ask My help, and I will give you the sufficient graces to carry on. When you do My work, you will be persecuted at times, which means you will have to bear some trials. By following My plan for your life and using the skills that I gave you, your life will be a masterpiece where everyone will be able to see My hand in helping you. Follow My ways and My plan, and you will receive a great reward in heaven.”