Friday, January 15, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, you have been praying for the poor people in Haiti who have lost their lives and their homes, and you will be giving donations to help them get food and water. Here in America you complain of the least little pain, and if you lose electricity to an ice storm, it is a catastrophe. After seeing all of this destruction and death, now is a good time for a prayer of thanksgiving for all that you have, along with your health. You have much to be thankful for in your food, water, heat, and communications. Imagine if you lost your home or any of your services. You have seen problems with ice storms and lost homes in New Orleans, so you know how disasters can affect your life. Have mercy on those who are suffering all over the earth because you are sharing in My suffering on the cross.”

Jesus said: “My people, in your Northern states that have received a lot of snow I am warning you of possible flooding from any warming trend that could melt the snow all at once. This normally happens in the spring time, but you can get thaws during the winter. At times this has been compounded by heavy rain storms at the same time. In previous years you have seen some extensive flooding, but you have not built up your levees sufficiently to handle any future flooding. Man should learn from his experiences or find ways to either divert or slow down any flood waters as with dams in appropriate areas. By being prepared for sudden surges of water with either wider river beds or better walls along the rivers, you can stop damage to farms and homes.”

Question on leaving for refuges: Jesus said: “My people, My angels will make My faithful invisible as you are walking or driving down the road. When you leave your houses, it should be at night in dark clothing so people would have difficulty seeing you leave. The invisible shield of the angels occurs away from your home. Even though you will be made invisible to the evil ones, you will still be able to see each other. The angels will lead you down back roads on your way to My refuges. Have faith and trust in Me that you will be protected on the way to My refuges and once you arrive there as well.”