Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday, January 13, 2017:
Jesus said: “My people, I was impressed by the faith of the paralytic man and his bearers, who knew I could heal him. The crowd was so great that they made a hole in the roof to let him down before Me. I told the paralytic: ‘Your sins are forgiven.’ The people who were there thought I was blaspheming, since only God can forgive sins. They did not know it, but I truly am the Second Person of God. I was concerned first with healing the man’s soul and forgiving his sins, so his soul would be saved. Then to show My authority from My heavenly Father, I told the paralytic to pick up his mat and go home, because his faith has saved him. The people were amazed that I could heal the man’s paralysis, but they should also be amazed that I could forgive his sins as well. Remember what I told you, that the one who is healing, needs to have faith that I can heal a sick person. The person, who is sick, also needs to have faith that I can heal that person. Without faith, no healing can be accomplished. This is why I could not heal people in My hometown of Nazareth, because they did not have faith in My healing power. Trust in Me, and I will forgive your sins, and heal your sickness.”

Jesus said: “My people, your country did not defend Israel when your UN Ambassador could have vetoed a UN Resolution to declare more rights for the Palestinians in prohibiting Israel from building settlements on contested lands. Your current President is also trying to use a Paris Peace Accord to further favor Palestinian possession of Israeli held sacred places. These actions by your current President will embolden Hamas and other terrorists to start an uprising against Israel. This is why you are seeing soldiers shooting their guns at those people causing a new uprising. Your current President is indirectly causing another war to come in Israel, and he is not coming to Israel’s defense. Pray for peace in Israel, despite your current President is stirring up trouble between the two factions.”