Friday, January 11, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, I share an abundance of My graces and gifts with those who ask Me in faith.  In today’s Gospel this man
with leprosy had faith that I could heal him, and he asked Me to make him clean, which I did for him.  He, who asks, shall receive, and he, who seeks, will find.  If you of little faith can give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven grant you more gifts than you need.  Trust in My help and seek what you need from Me, and in faith you will receive My gifts as well.  Many seek worldly things and worldly comforts, but I answer your requests according to what is best for your soul.  It is the spiritual healings that are more important than any healing of the body.  The body will pass away, but the soul lives on for all eternity.  In the Gospels I healed many people’s sins before I healed their body because this is a whole healing of body and soul.
Remember when you are praying for someone’s health that you pray for good spiritual health as well.  Give praise and glory to God for all the graces and healings that have been received, because this is how you thank Me for answering your prayer request.”
Jesus said:  “My people, I will provide and multiply your means for having meat at My refuges.  Eating deer meat may become a staple for your diet just like the quail was for the Israelites.  Only those, who keep farm animals, will be able to provide a varied source of meat.  Farm animals will require feed, while deer scavenge from their habitat.  I will bring the deer to you, but everything will still be in the natural order where you will still need to grow things and carve up the meat.  Everyone will use their specific skills at My refuges so all those at the refuges will be able to survive.  Water will be a needed staple, but showers, as you know them, may be difficult to come by.  Your necessities will be provided for, but My angels will do battle with the demons to protect you.  Pray much during this trial which will be less than 3½ years to endure.”