Friday, January 1, 2010: (Mary, Mother of God)

Jesus said: “My people, as you look at this brick church, think of Me as the cornerstone not only of a building, but mostly as the foundation of your faith in Me. I built My Church with St. Peter as the rock or leader, and you have the succession of Popes from St. Peter. I have protected My Church from the gates of hell over the years so you can see how I am in control of salvation history. This light at the end of a tunnel in the vision is another sign of both near death experiences and when people die and come before Me in judgment before My Light. Everyone has a review of their life before I pass judgment on them. This life review will also be given to everyone at the time of the Warning or illumination of conscience. The Warning will be a blessing to all sinners because after your judgment, you will be placed back into your body and given a second chance to change your life for the better in following Me. Give praise and glory to God for your gift of faith, and for this coming gift of My Warning to help save souls.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are going to have a severe winter with plenty of snow. Ice storms and other disasters will affect your people as well. Pray that you do not have to go to your refuges in the winter time. I am reminding you every winter to have some alternative fuels on hand for any power outages. In the Northern States cold weather is hard to bear without some source of heat, especially if you lose your power. You have had some terrorist attacks and fortunately they were not serious. Your security people should be prepared for more of these incidents. Some times the militants are using different tactics to test your weaknesses which appear to be many, even from computer attacks. You are in a constant battle with forces who want to see America fall. Pray for the safety and health of your people from any man-made diseases.”