Friday, February 8, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, you have been reading about fasting in both readings, which is one of your Lenten penances. Prayer and fasting are mentioned often in the lives of the saints. Fasting helps you to focus more on Me and less on your worldly distractions. You have to consciously remember to avoid eating snacks at night or between meals. This restricts the body from frivolous eating that is not necessary, and it gives the soul more control over the desires of the body. At times you like to shop for the latest electronic gadgets or other things in your shopping malls. But during Lent you could restrain yourself from such worldly things that are not necessities. Refrain even from frivolous looking in magazines or the internet for the same things. Again by focusing more on Me than on any luxuries or unnecessary purchases, you will be more holy and less worldly. Instead of watching TV movies and other programing, you could spend that time reading a spiritual book or a book on the lives of the saints. During Lent you are trying to build up your spiritual lives, so you need time to do this, and you need examples to imitate. Lent is about changing your lazy lifestyles into being a better Christian by practicing what you believe.”

Jesus said: “My people, this tsunami wave coming ashore in the vision will also be associated with many deaths. Sometimes there is much disease that follows such a devastation because of the standing water that takes a while to flow back into the sea. This bug in the vision will be dangerous to man because it will carry a new flu virus that will be contagious as well as deadly. This virus will be of man-made origin and it is designed to cause many deaths. Be prepared by building up your immune systems to such viruses. Avoid any places where tsunamis have come ashore. If martial law is declared in America because of these created incidents, then leave for My refuges where you will be healed of any viruses by drinking the spring water or looking at the luminous cross. No matter what the evil ones are planning, I will confound them and My angels will protect you.”