Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday, February 3, 2012: (St. Blaise)
Jesus said: “My people, pride and greed have caused much sin among the people. Leave every action open to a yes or no decision based on whether that action may be sinful or displeasing to Me or not. If you let your pride lead you into any action, then you are not in full control of your free will. Anything that can control you, as pride or addictions, needs to be cleansed so you can act more freely. It is not easy to break these bad habits, but you must train your body in order to improve your spiritual life. This is why you should seek My approval in quiet prayer before you make your decision to act. If you act in haste, you could be sinning before you realize it. Pray for help in all that you do for Me every day.”

Jesus said: “My people, King Herod had St. John the Baptist put in prison for publicly proclaiming that it was unlawful for him to marry his brother’s wife. The message that I give you today is that My people need to stand up against the authorities in your government. Your government condones abortion as the law of your land. You need to pray for the stoppage of abortion, and protest the killing of innocent babies in the womb. It is not a matter of rights for the mother, but it is a matter of the right to life for the unborn babies. Your government is also trying to force Catholic hospitals to offer abortions, birth control devices, and pills to abort babies. This is an outrage of evil in that your government is trying to suppress the expression of your faith in forcing these sinful things in your own buildings. Your people should not be forced to do something against their religious beliefs. This is another place where you need to speak out against the edicts that should be superceded by your religious freedom in your Constitution. God’s law comes before man’s law, and you would rather obey Me than man’s evil laws. Continue to speak out against the evil of your society, even if you must suffer any persecution for your stand. You will gain graces in heaven for defending life and defending My laws against your evil society.”