Friday, February 27, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, when you see someone in need and you could help that person, you have an opportunity for grace in doing so. This is your Christian duty, but even more so in Lent you should be taking every opportunity to even look more to help people without being asked. The more charity that you perform, the more graces and spiritual treasures that you will store up for yourself in heaven. You think first of the physical needs of people, but you can also reach out in faith to evangelize people to follow Me in their spiritual needs as well. If you can help save a soul from going to hell in their sins, you will be helping their soul which lives on forever after the body dies. Reach out with your prayers also, both for sinners on earth and for the souls in purgatory.”
Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you a cave in the hill as a place for a refuge. My angels could lead you to such a place of protection. You need to scout into the cave to make sure other animals are not using it for a shelter also. You also need to put a brush covering over the entrance as a protection from animals and to disguise it from the evil ones. My angels will provide you food and water to live, but you need to bring utensils, pans, and cups for eating. A sleeping blanket and warm clothes would be needed to keep warm in a 50 F cave. You could test how far back to go in a cave with a match or lantern. When the flame goes out, there is not enough oxygen to breathe. A windup flashlight would be good for light. Living in a cave may be a little uncomfortable, but it could protect you from the weather outside. Trust in Me that I will provide various places or refuges for you to stay so you could be protected throughout the coming tribulation. Have patience and you will soon see My Era of Peace.”