Friday, February 26, 2010

Jesus said: “My people of this conference, I am bringing My Blessed Mother with Me as you adore Me and honor her in our two hearts that are portrayed in the vision. Our love goes out to all of you as you are blessed with hearing your gifted speakers and the Betania Choir. Open your hearts to our two hearts as you dwell on the theme of Reconciliation. There will be confessions so you can truly reconcile your sins and restore graces to your souls. You have started your conference with a beautiful Mass because I am the focus of all that is holy. Remember during this conference to pray your rosaries and make time for Me at your Adoration hours. Again we in heaven are all happy for you, as you are all joined together in prayer, worship, and song. As you see My Santo Nino image, I also want you to pray for the success of this conference and that all debts will be covered by the generosity of your faithful supporters.”

Jesus said: “My people, in your homes you usually throw your scrap paper into your waste baskets. After a while your baskets get full and you need to empty them so the garbage trucks can take away all of your trash. If you did not empty your trash, you would be inundated with piles of paper. In the spiritual world your souls are collectors of your sins. Your souls also get filled up with your sins, and they need to get cleaned out by going to Confession. The priest cleanses your soul by his absolution in Confession and I forget your forgiven sins. Once you have your sins cleansed, then I can fill your soul full of My graces. The emptying of your full baskets is parallel to emptying your soul of your sins. Keeping your soul clean and pure is even more important than keeping your room clean. Encourage your family and friends to go to at least monthly Confession, and you can encourage them to keep pure souls.”