Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday, February 24, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, your Lenten devotions of fasting between meals, abstinence of meat on Fridays, and eating smaller meals is at first hard to get used to. The focus is not so much on keeping your weight down, but it is on making an extra effort to control your body’s appetites and earthly desires. Many times you desire snacks at night or in the afternoon, so it is a restraint to
stop something that you crave. Many of you already are praying a lot, but you can add a special Lenten devotion of praying the Stations of the Cross, especially on Fridays. There are also more opportunities to go to Confession, so there is no excuse not to go at least once a month. Another focus in Lent is on trying to restrain any bad habits as anger or swearing. If sexual sins are a problem, then this is another area to restrain during Lent. Lent is a time to focus on how to improve your spiritual life, so you are more pleasing to Me in keeping a clean soul. If you do not make a firm attempt at stopping your sinful habits, then it will be hard to make any spiritual progress. Call on My help in your prayers and fasting to keep struggling to restrain your sinful habits. Be grateful that you have this special time of Lent to get closer to Me in your love relationship.”

Jesus said: “My people, the one world people are holding off on drilling for more oil until the price of oil rises back to $150 a barrel. America has the capability of producing enough oil for its needs, and oil could be had through a pipeline to Canada. In order to cause a war in the Middle East, the one world people need to keep us dependent on oil from that region. Oil prices could rise on speculation over the threat of a war with Iran. Some people have remarked that Iran could have trouble selling its own oil if it blocked the Persian Gulf. The one world people want a war with Iran, and they will be stepping up their media barrage to get the people to back such a war. Even the fear of such a war could drive gasoline prices over $5 a gallon which could cause America to go into another recession. A high price for gasoline could cause many people problems in getting to work, and it could even inflate the cost of many products that require trucking. Causing such a war with Iran will make the one world people rich on fuels, and it could even be a means for taking over America by bankruptcy of the government. When you see who profits the most from higher gasoline prices, you will see that they are the same people who are causing your wars.”