Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday, February 20, 2015:
Jesus said: “My people, Lent is a time of fasting between meals, and no meat on the Fridays of Lent. This sacrifice of fasting is to help the soul control the desires of the body. You can eat at meal time, but no snacks in between. Some people may not be able to fast, but if you are healthy, it is better for your spiritual life. You can also make some other sacrifices as not eating desserts, or giving donations to the poor. As you see in the vision, coming to Confession will help remove the sins from your soul, as they are washed away with the priest’s absolution. By making your extra Lenten devotions a part of your life, then you can work toward a holier life, and not just your normal routine. It is by changing your life in removing your bad habits, that this will help you in your progress toward sainthood. This is your goal to be perfected, and ready to come to Me in heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, when you use a manual shift car, you go through the gears to pick up speed. I want to relate this to your level of spirituality. There are some souls who are stuck in first gear, and they have not advanced much since their grade school religion classes. If you truly love Me, you will desire to go to the next level of understanding, as you progress in your faith. This could mean using Bible study or taking courses in the faith or theology. You can also enhance your love for Me by coming to daily Mass, praying the daily rosary, and coming to daily Adoration. I am happy when My prayer warriors are so active in loving Me and helping their neighbors. This Lent is a good opportunity to pray more and enhance your faith in parish retreats. By trying to reach the next levels of faith, you can also strive for the higher levels of heaven.”