Friday, February 19, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, in this Lenten Season you need to look at how you spend your time and try to focus more on doing things for Me and your neighbor than just for yourself. It is not sinful to desire some entertainment, but do not let games or other pastimes so occupy your time to the exclusion of everything else. Some games and gambling can become addicting. So when you see that you have some games that are controlling you, it would be better to avoid such time consumers. You need to be in control of what you do so you can apportion your time for Me, your needs, and then your entertainment. There are many people that could use your time to help them in their needs. First, you need to make time for others in your life, and make that a priority in your decision making. Second, you also need to give Me time for prayer, since you should be doing everything out of love for Me. If you so occupy your time filling your own agenda, then you will not have time to do the mission that I have chosen for you to accomplish. I have very few prayer warriors, and I need My people not to forget their responsibilities for the many souls that they are praying for. By keeping your priorities in focus on My mission, then you will see why it is so important not to waste time on your frivolous desires and things that are of little concern.”

Jesus said: “My people, many Southern and Mid-Atlantic states have been experiencing record snowfalls and colder than usual temperatures. As a result, some are having more doubts about global warming. Your measured world temperature has dipped a little, but the longer average is on the rise. When your average temperature increases, it puts more moisture into the atmosphere as precipitation. Any increase in heat would also cause more violent weather. An increase in violent weather could also be enhanced by man-made microwave machines. The HAARP machine could also be used to cause earthquakes that are happening more frequently. Be prepared for more violent weather which is also an end time sign. Ask My protection from such violence, and call on My help for those who are suffering from your current natural disasters.”