Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011:
Jesus said: “My people, I have shown you the Antichrist to be a Muslim leader. This is not by accident, but it is by design of the evil ones. The Antichrist has advertised his coming in newspapers and speaking of his star images that have announced his coming. He will claim to be a leader for all religions. The history of some Muslim sects have predicted his coming in a time of strife, and some sects are actually encouraging his coming by starting uprisings in many Arab countries. The Book of Revelation speaks of a beast called the Antichrist who will reign for less than three and one-half years. This is a description of the tribulation that I have asked My people to prepare for in making My refuges. Many signs of a coming strife are appearing with world financial problems, more earthquakes than normal, and even a pestilence with man-made viruses. The devil and the demons have instigated wars and coming bankruptcies through the central bankers. A new world order is their goal, and you are seeing this come about in your daily events. Once martial law is declared, the declaration of the Antichrist’s reign is not far behind. I will protect My faithful at My refuges until I will come and vanquish all of these evil ones. Have no fear when you call upon My protection and My angels.”

Jesus said: “My people, this vision is showing you that more natural disasters are going to happen. By controlling the jet streams with the HAARP machine, the evil ones are trying to create more chaos for their takeover. By bringing jet streams closer to the earth, you can enhance high wind storms, blizzards in winter, and more violent tornadoes in the spring. It is hard to recover from recessions when you have to deal with damage to your homes and cars. While some will be experiencing floods from snow melting, others may have to deal with increasing intensities of earthquakes. You are in a time of uncertainty in how events are going to happen, but one thing is sure that at My refuges you will not have to deal with life threatening disasters, evil ones trying to kill you, or even deadly pandemic viruses. My refuges are truly safe havens where all of My faithful will want to be when chaos and riots in the streets begin. Pray to be calm and trusting in My protection as the tribulation comes about.”