Friday, February 12, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, you are faced with many choices and directions to take in life. Every action, that you take, is either a choice for good or bad. But you need to have a properly formed conscience so you can choose between My ways, or the ways of the devil and the world. This vision of choosing between the broad road of the world and all of its allurements, or the narrow road to heaven, is constantly facing you every day. My point is that you need to keep your eyes fixed on Me as your goal for heaven. At times you are detoured to follow worldly comforts and pleasures, but do not let addictions and worldly ways lead your life. Do not let the malls of buying things, money, or cruises become your gods. Instead, pray to get back on the right path of following My ways to heaven. Seek out My graces from My sacraments and your daily prayers to worship Me only, and keep your eyes and love of heart focused on serving Me and your neighbor.”

Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you some irregularities in your children who are having deformities, allergies, cancer, and autism. These are occurring in ever increasing numbers, and it is a result of your air and water pollution, as well as the viruses and preservatives in the vaccines that they are receiving. You have microwaves going through the air, and people are affected by high tension electric wires, as well as pollution from being near chemical plants and refineries. Just as your pesticides have affected bird populations, so your chemicals in the ground water are lowering your fertility rates as well. In addition to your pollution, you are genetically modifying the crops and animals that you eat which can also alter your body chemistry. Man is ruining My balance of nature in many things that he does. It is time to reverse all of your modifications back to My original perfectly made crops and animals, or your diseases will get even worse. Many of these things were modified to control your food sources to make some people rich. When I return, I will have to change nature back to My original perfection. Try to eat naturally and avoid your artificial crops, animals, and vaccines. Work on eating herbs and vitamins to build up your immune system.”