Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011: (Jim White’s funeral Mass)
Jim said: “I want to thank you, John and Carol, for visiting me before I died, and sharing with my family. I wanted to take issue with my nephew’s comment on me being grumpy. My world comments were addressing how evil things have become, and the Lord will be coming to address these evil ones. I do have hope when many will change after the Warning. I have tried to be a spiritual helper in keeping my family in prayer and on the right road to heaven. I will be praying for all of My family as I love all of them so very much. I love you, Maureen, and I am no longer in pain. I will be in purgatory for a short time. Thank you for all of your prayers and Masses for my intention. Support each other in your faith and continue to attend Sunday Mass and monthly Confession. Call on me to pray for you in your times of need.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have seen in history how England’s meager air force was able to defeat a German air force that was four times as large. In America today, you have a different evil force which is trying to take you over, but not by a military takeover. You are dealing with the demon inspired central bankers and one world people who are doing everything to ruin your Republic. Their first attack was to control you financially through the Federal Reserve. The second attack was to create massive deficits through wars, stock market crashes, and overspending by your government. Your debts are so large that it is almost equal to your country’s national output. These evil ones also want to erase the middle class by purposely sending your good manufacturing jobs overseas by controlling corporate leaders. They also want to destroy the moral fabric of America by dividing families, using pornography and drugs to break down the people, and even by using the occult and New Age teachings. You not only are dealing with ruthless killers, but you are in a battle for souls. Many of your churches are losing members as your national morality is being corrupted by evil and spiritual laziness. There is still hope by forming or enlarging your prayer groups. Prayer is your best weapon against the evil ones who are trying to take over America. Many are preparing refuges of protection for dealing with the evil tribulation of the Antichrist. Call on My angels to help you in this battle against the evil ones. Stand up and fight the immorality all around you. Even as Germany was defeated, so I will intervene in the battle against the Antichrist to bring about his demise. Trust in My greater power that will defeat evil and bring My people into My Era of Peace.”