Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday, February 1, 2013:
Jesus said: “My people, I have told you many times that everything that I create is perfect, while everything that man makes is imperfect. Man in his ignorant pride thinks that he can make crops more perfect than Me which is already absurd, but it is even an insult to Me. All that I create is balanced with nature, but man’s crops, like your medicines, have side affects that do not balance with nature. Currently, most of your corn and soybeans crops are genetically modified, and this is causing an increase in cancer, allergies, and digestive tract problems. Your scientists have changed the DNA of corn by adding Roundup, a herbicide and bug killer. The DNA of Roundup is combined with the DNA of corn so when the corn grows, it produces Roundup that kills weeds and bugs. It kills bugs by exploding their stomachs. So when humans eat this corn, it makes small holes in their stomachs where undigested food escapes into your blood stream. This is what causes some of your allergies and digestive tract problems. Your body does not recognize this corn with a different DNA, so your body rejects it, and this can cause cancers. My faithful would be better off not eating these GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) crops, and instead they should eat more organic grown food. It is hard to avoid these artificial foods because they have been blended into many products that you use. Be aware of these adulterated foods, and try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. This is also why you need to build up your immune systems with Hawthorn, herbs, and vitamins. Man should stop altering My perfect crops, or you will get worse diseases as a result.”

Jesus said: “My people, there are many beautiful processions that people take part in to celebrate My Blessed Mother’s feast days, and to celebrate blessings of My Blessed Sacrament. In the vision you celebrated the 70th Anniversary of Fatima in Portugal back in 1987. You have also celebrated St. Anne’s feast day on July 26, 2012 with a candlelight procession in Canada. The last procession is where your priest blessed all of your Adoration members with My Blessed Sacrament. Celebrations of My saints and My Blessed Sacrament keep you close to Me in your daily lives. I love My nightly adorers for all the times that they thought enough of Me to make their frequent visits. Many of My adorers gain extra graces for all the hours that they spent adoring My Eucharist. When you love someone so much, you want to be in that person’s presence as much as possible. Loving your Lord is so pleasing to Me that you are storing up graces as a heavenly treasure. I love everyone very much, but I have a soft spot in My Heart for those faithful who come frequently to My tabernacle in Adoration. Encourage people to visit Me in My tabernacle, and they too will receive many blessings.”