Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday, December 9, 2011:
Jesus said: “My people, there are times when people are not happy with the environment that they are living in. Some people may not have a financial condition that would allow them to move some place else. In many cases you are forced to accept your situation and make the best of what you have. Even though you complain of your surroundings, maybe you could do some little things to improve the appearance of your own dwelling. Accepting your place in life may take some humility when your options are limited. In the Gospel I was pointing out to the people how they made judgments about people when they did not know the whole story. This is why My people should leave judgments up to Me only, and pray for people who may be troubled from outward appearances. You all are sinners and you know your own shortcomings. So do not be critical of others, but do what you can to help them where possible. Focus more on the good of people rather than thinking about their imperfections. You should strive to love everyone, even those people who may be hard to live with.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have read how the obesity levels are getting higher among people, as well as a higher number of people with diabetes. Even the children are seeing higher levels of obesity. Part of the reason is because of your Western diet of fast foods and many high carbohydrate foods. Add to this the lack of a proper diet and little exercise, and you can see why people are having weight problems. Those, who are overweight, could help their health by eating a better diet and avoiding so many sweets and junk food. Work on a sound, balanced, nutritional diet, and you could lose some of your excess weight. This same training should be given to your children as well. Eating the wrong foods can harm your body, and you should not abuse your body by overeating and putting on too much weight. I am not criticizing your appearance, but you should pay attention to taking proper care of your body for good health. Keeping a healthy, pure soul by frequent Confession could help purify the whole person, both body and soul.”