Friday, December 7, 2007

Our Lady said: “My dear children, I am happy to welcome all of my pilgrims to my shrine at Betania. All of you are called to be here and receive my graces to carry on with all of your life’s trials. You are also about to share in my great feasts of my Immaculate Conception and my feast of all of the Americas in Guadeloupe. You have passed through Mexico City where the miracle of my image is stored on the tilma. Many of you have had the joy of seeing my sign in the blue butterfly which is a sign of my presence among you. I am your heavenly Mother and I put my mantle of protection around all of you. Bring your petitions to me and I will forward them to my Son, Jesus, who listens closely to my requests. Rejoice in the great joy of our love in our two hearts as we share our union with your love. Come to Betania with love in your hearts for our two hearts, and share that love with the people of Venezuela.”