Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday, December 3, 2010: (St. Francis Xavier)
Jesus said: “My people, I am sharing this beautiful image of a guardian angel with the soul that the angel is protecting. The bright white spiritual color is the radiance of My grace and power in this being. The angel is face to face with its protected soul because there is a deep spiritual love of the angel for that soul. You know how much I love My souls because I died to redeem all of you. All spiritual beings, as saints and good angels, love you as well, even as you love them. The evil angels, or demons, are filled with hate for you, which is why they try to draw you to evil actions. Your guardian angels also have a great love for you, and they try to direct you to do good things at all times. My people should also love their guardian angels, and recite your prayer to your guardian angel every day. They are with you at all times, so acknowledge your thanks to them in helping you to save your soul. You also call on your guardian angel for favors in helping you or others. You can thank them for that help also. I know this is their job to help you, but showing them your love would be a way to thank them for loving you.”

Jesus said: “My people, all of My faithful adorers are blessed to have My Real Presence in My Blessed Sacrament to adore and worship. The power given to My priests to consecrate bread and wine into My Body and Blood is beyond human comprehension. This is why it is so important to guard your priests in prayer from the evil ones and to support them in their work in the parish. Do not take daily Mass for granted, because soon you will be seeing more churches closed. It eventually will come to the point where it is only safe to have secret Masses in the homes. Enjoy your Masses in your churches now because this will change dramatically when the religious persecution starts. Do whatever you can to protect My Hosts from being stolen or desecrated. Give praise and thanks to Me for making My Real Presence before you in My Eucharist.”