Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday, December 28, 2012: (Holy Innocents)
Jesus said: “My people, every time you see depictions of Me as an innocent baby, it reminds you of how many babies and young children were killed by Herod in an attempt to kill Me as a new king. Herod did not realize that I was not a threat to his kingship, but he was ruthless in these killings to keep his position as king. There are many more ruthless killers in your society that include your abortion doctors who kill even for money. You have seen mentally unstable people killing children, and even your local incident where a killer killed firemen as they came to put out a fire that he purposely started. There is even more irony in that your Senator gave a grant for money to keep jobs for a factory that makes assault rifles for police and the military. The criminals and mental killers find ways to steal guns or buy them on the black market. Gun laws affect only law abiding citizens and not the killers. There is a plan by the one world people to take all the guns from your people for their takeover, and they are using these gun incidents as an excuse. Do not fear these evil ones because My angels will protect you at My refuges.”