Friday, December 21, 2007

Jesus said: “My people, this vision of being turned upside down is exactly what is going to be happening to your world as you know it. There will be more unusual and record breaking natural disasters that will include earthquakes, storms, volcanoes, and tsunamis. In addition to these natural order events there will also be major upheavals in the governments of your nations all over the world. Microchips will be more widely implemented in an attempt to control people’s minds. When these events will cause martial law, you will need to be ready to go to My refuges of protection. As these events get closer, I will be giving you more specific information about your preparations. Let this be a warning to you that the serious events are about to occur with a faster frequency. Have no fear of these events because I will give you the strength and protection to endure them.”
Jesus said: “My people, I have warned you before to have some alternate sources of heating your houses ready in case of power outages in the winter. This could involve wood fires, kerosene burners, or propane burners for cooking and heating. The vision of a wood fire also came with a concern for where to store all of the ashes from your wood burning. In other words it would be wise to be prepared for enough fuel in case your power outages could go into months before electricity could be restored. You also should have oil in your lamps for light, or mechanically powered flashlights. Batteries will only last a short time, so reusable devices will be more useful. Your natural gas burners usually require electricity to operate, so getting heat from a line without using electricity may be another option if gas is still available. You have seen how vulnerable you are in winter with your ice storms. So be prepared for these events happening again because the one world people know how to cause these storms, and can turn off your power to control you. With My grace and blessings I could even multiply your fuel in a long power outage. Trust in My help, but make sure your alternative heating means are in working order.”