Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday, December 2, 2016:
Jesus said: “My people, at times it is good to take walks in your parks, just to appreciate the beauty of My creation. During the winter months, it is not as nice looking because the leaves on the trees and the flowers are gone. There is still a certain beauty in each of the seasons. Many of these sights were created for you to marvel at such beauty. You get caught up in your daily routines so much that you sometimes forget to thank Me for all the beautiful scenes in My creation. When you go on trips for vacations or even work, you can see more of your country’s treasures. Even as you see beautiful scenery on earth, this does not even come close to My creation in heaven’s beauty. This life on earth is a trial of your actions and faith in Me. Those people, who repent of their sins, and work hard to obey My Commandments of love in good works, will see their reward in the glory of heaven with Me one day. Even as you prepare for the celebrations of Christmas, you can also keep your souls pure with frequent Confession and be ready to be with Me in the glory of heaven.”

Jesus said: “My son, I am showing you a vision of how your life review will appear in your Warning experience. It will appear as you are looking in the mirror, and you will see your own actions, as well as how people were reacting to your actions. If you expand this mirror image out, you will be able to see everything in your life as in a time line. You will be outside of time, as you will not realize how long it took to visit every moment of your life. As you view a sin that was not forgiven, you will see it in slow motion compared to the rest of your life review. I will enable you to remember every unforgiven sin, so you could tell it to the priest in Confession later. After you digest your own life review, you will be able to help lead your family and friends back to the sacraments, especially Confession. At first they will be seeking My forgiveness, so Confession will help them the most. If you do not try to evangelize them right away, they could in time forget their experience, and it will be harder to evangelize them. I will give everyone six weeks of time to be evangelized, and have time to learn to love Me. Once a person has faith in Me, My angels will place a cross on their foreheads. This cross on the forehead will be needed as a pass to get into My refuges by the protecting angel. Trust in My help, and keep praying that your family and friends will change their lives, so they can be saved from hell.”