Friday, December 19, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, the vision of a large destructive explosion will be in one of your large cities near water. Prayer could mitigate the severity, but terrorists are planning multiple city attacks when you are weak from your bad recession and changing presidents. Your security people need to be on high alert in your big cities on the water. This could be the planned incident that I mentioned earlier that could be used as an excuse to take over your country with martial law and then start a new currency of the North American Union. Even if these attacks could be minimized, your recession will be taking its toll on your jobs and your deficits. Be prepared for any takeover, and when national martial law begins, call on Me, and My angels will lead you to My refuges. Events are going to happen quickly, so have your backpacks ready to leave at a moment’s notice. Pray much for your people for what you are about to endure. Trust in My protection, no matter what the evil one world people have in their plans.”
Jesus said: “My people, you are now experiencing part of the winter trials that I told you would be coming your way. First the ice storm tested your power outages, now the heavy snow storms will be limiting some of your mobility. Because of your good snow removal equipment in the North, you are not that bad. But you will be seeing repeated snow storms that could test your workers. Much of your weather and financial problems are testing the poorest that could least afford to deal with their getting by. This is why I was advising you to give alms or donations to the poor so they could keep warm and have something to eat. Those, who are losing their jobs or are in home foreclosures, are suffering the most. Many of your government handouts have been going more to the rich in your banks and brokerages, and very little help is going to the poor people who are in more need. This is part of the injustices of the one world people and their attempts to take over your country. Pray for those in financial straits that they may find their way through these hard times. You may have to help your family and friends in their needs. Always be loving in your help, and do not be begrudging about giving away some money.”