Friday, December 14, 2007: (St. John of the Cross)

Jesus said: “My people, on this feast day of St. John of the cross I am reminding you again of My crucifix, and how you need to carry your own cross along life’s path. In every way that you follow Me, you need to offer up your suffering and share it with My suffering on the cross. In everything that you do, you need to do it for Me out of love and according to My Will. Before you start any project, ask Me to help you in your efforts. Once you make a plan, then ask Me if it is right for you. Pray also to the Holy Spirit for discernment to affirm that what you are doing is in conformity with My Church and the Scriptures. By your good deeds you will see the fruit of following My ways instead of the ways of the world. Also, be prepared to change your plan if I disapprove of what you are about to do on your own. Every time that you do something on your own and it fails, you will see why it is better to follow My lead than going ahead of Me. Learn from the life of St. John of the cross how best to lead your lives in full trust of what I think is best for your soul.”