Friday, December 12, 2008: (Our Lady of Guadeloupe)

Jesus said: “My people, the bishop in Guadeloupe was asking My Blessed Mother for a sign that the messages to Juan Diego were real when she asked for a basilica to be built on those grounds. When Juan Diego showed him roses in the winter and especially the miraculous image of My Blessed Mother of Guadeloupe on the tilma, there was great joy in that town. Soon after in Mexico City they did finally erect a church where pilgrims have viewed the tilma constantly for many years. Many conversions have resulted from this miracle, and this shrine in Guadeloupe has become My Blessed Mother’s Shrine for all the Americas. Rejoice in heaven’s sharing of graces from My Blessed Mother and I over all of our children.”
Jesus said: “My people, you continue to be tested by natural disasters, even as I just warned you about power outages and having enough food and fuel on hand. Now you just had another ice storm that has left 1.5 million homes without power. Your weather continues to be manipulated by the HAARP machine as you saw an unusually deep jet stream carry cold weather from the North all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico giving snow in Texas and New Orleans, which is very rare. This same weather storm then picked up the Gulf water in the air and this gave moisture to form the ice storm across the Mid Atlantic states and the New England states. You have had ice storms in the past, but because of this manipulation, you are seeing more ice storms and power outages becoming more frequent than normal. Look for more of these disasters to be occurring as you have seen higher numbers of tornadoes and floods than usual in this year. Again these are more signs that you are in the end times, and you need to call on My help to provide for your daily needs.”