Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday, August 7, 2015: (St. Cajetan)
Jesus said: “My people, your life is not as complicated as you think, because there are really only two destinations for your soul, when you leave this life on earth. Your life here is a testing ground, or training for whether you want to come with Me in love to heaven, or go with Satan, who hates you, as you go to hell. If you choose to come with Me, then you need to give your life and your free will over to Me, and pick up your daily cross in following My ways. Your body and the devil are calling you away from Me, but your soul and spirit crave to be in My Presence at Mass and at Adoration. I desire to save all souls from hell, which is why I died to atone for all of your sins. It is each person’s decision to choose life with Me in following My Commandments and to seek My forgiveness of your sins. You are all sinners, and you are in need of My love and grace to keep you on the right path to heaven. You have weaknesses, but by accepting My mission, I can make you strong and prepare you for sainthood. My call is for you to love Me, and love your neighbor as yourself. Have faith and trust in Me, and you will have your reward in heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, there are many times when you find yourself trapped in a corner with no way out. For man your trials may seem impossible to endure, but I can do the impossible to help you, if you would ask My help. Games of chance can be frustrating when average frequencies are not always followed. If certain situations can cause you problems most of the time, it may be better to walk away from any occasions of sin. Your soul will find more peace in prayer, than in constant irritation playing games of chance. If people are critical of your choice, then just tell them it is better to please Me, than it is to please them. By spending more time following My mission, you will be more calm, and productive in doing My work.”