Friday, August 5, 2016

Friday, August 5, 2016:(Dedication of the Basilica to Mary Major)
Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you a vision of various demons in hell who are tempting people with sloth, greed, and jealousy. Sometimes when you are working hard, you desire a rest to gather your strength again. There are demons who tempt you with sloth or laziness. You are created to know, love, and serve Me on earth. For all the time that you are given each day, you are accountable for using your time to help yourself and others. The temptation is to sit around watching TV or wasting your time on frivolous pleasures. You have your own needs to work for a living, get your food at the store, and pay your bills. You also need to educate yourself and provide for a place to live. You have relatives and neighbors who you may be called on to help with their needs by work or donations. When you are doing things, they should be done out of love for Me. When people are lazy, your duties are not being accomplished, and even spiritually your prayers are needed to help people. Other people are tempted by the demons to be greedy for more than they need by stealing or manipulating people to gain money from them. Some people desire wealth so they do not have to work for it. Others are using your welfare system to live off of the taxpayers’ money. Some people are disabled and they cannot work, but other healthy young people could be earning their living by working as most people do. It is difficult in your economy to find good paying jobs, but even working at low paying jobs, gives you more sense of worth than relying on handouts. Some people may be tempted by demons to be jealous of others who have more money and more possessions. People need to be satisfied with their lot of enough to survive, rather than be jealous of other people’s success by their labor. By living in love of Me and your neighbor, you will be free, and do not let the demons tempt you with sloth, greed, or jealousy.”

Jesus said: “My son, obedience to Me and your spiritual director is the best way to carry out your mission, so you are under supervision and you keep humble. Until people accept Me as the Master of their lives, it is hard to carry out the mission I have for them. I have given all of you a mission to accomplish, but you can only carry it out according to My plan for your life. When people want to be in control of their own lives, they do not leave room for Me to work with them. Many times the demons will try to mislead you into the pride of running your own life. The best success that you can accomplish on this earth, is to be united with Me in strict obedience, so you can carry out My mission for you. I do not force people to do anything, because I want people to follow Me by their own free will. Trust in Me to give you the grace to accomplish your own personal mission.”