Friday, August 3, 2007

Jesus said: “My people of America, you are not peacemakers, but your government is acting more as a war maker. You are continuing to fight wars in Iraq and Afghanistan based on faulty intelligence and a suspicious 911 destruction. You are selling arms to Saudia Arabia and Pakistan, and even to the Palestinians to fight Hamas. You also give arms aid to Israel. You are still the largest arms dealer in the world and the one world people are in control and making more money on these arms and wars. You will not find peace with more wars and arms sales. You are only fueling more wars with these arms sales which could even be used against you in the future. True peace can only come through prayer and a cessation of hostilities. If you allow the one world people to perpetuate your wars, then you are helping to destroy your own country’s military and your economy. Take away the war funds and arms deals, and you will take away the incentive for more wars.”
Jesus said: “My people, it is not by accident that you are fighting a war of the one world people in Iraq and Afghanistan. Iraq has one of the largest finds of oil in the world, and Afghanistan harvests more poppies for drugs in all the world. There is money there to be harvested as well. There is a claim of war to fight the Islamic extremists for security, but this war against terror has been fabricated to be in these countries. There is a hidden agenda for oil and drugs in the background, but no one will ever admit it. Take away all of these incentives for money, oil, and sales of weapons, and interest on your war debts, and you will take away the incentive for these wars. Deny the one world people access to your money, and you will have peace by default. Continue to pray for peace and stop funding this war.”