Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday, August 24, 2012: (St. Bartholomew, former name Nathaniel)
Jesus said: “My people, be careful that you do not let pride run your life. Pride is the sin that led the devil’s fall from grace in heaven. When Nathaniel heard that I was from the town of Nazareth, he wondered if the Messiah could come from there. This vision of a walking peacock with all of its beautiful feathers, is a symbol of how some people think that they are more important than they are. Do not look down on others if they are poorer than you are, because you are all equal in My eyes. There are some people with different gifts than yours, but you are all responsible for the gifts that you have been given. So treat everyone as your equal without discriminating with any source of pride. Keep your focus on serving Me, and put any pride aside like you would any other temptation of the devil.”