Friday, August 23, 2008: (Queenship of Mary)

Our Lady said: “My dear children, you have recently celebrated my feast day of my Assumption into heaven by my Son, Jesus. At the foot of the cross I was given by my Son to be the Mother of all of humanity, and I place my mantle of protection over all of my children. Those, who pray my rosaries everyday, are part of my prayer legions to fight the devil and his demons. Some of my children are weak in their faith or have not chosen to follow my Son. These souls are in special need of your prayers. Those souls, that make special pilgrimages to my shrines, will receive extra graces from my Son for your efforts to be close to our two hearts. Love should always be in your heart for both your friends and your enemies.”
Jesus said: “My people, you have had a couple of years with very little damage from hurricanes and tropical storms. You are learning this year that even tropical storms can cause a lot of widespread flooding. Yet, you have not gone through the peak of this hurricane season with time for more storms to test your coasts. Pray that any such storms will weaken before they hit land, and pray for the needed help for those in the floods to recover. I have told you before that the violence that you see in nature is a reflection of the evil and violent killing of man. Pray for peace and less killing so you can see less violence in these storms.”