Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday, August 22, 2014: (Queenship of Mary)
Jesus said: “My people, I want My faithful to be close to Me in their daily prayer, in visits to My Blessed Sacrament, at Mass as often as you can make it, and in at least monthly Confession. I am showing you the countryside because these people appreciate My creation, and they have quiet time to pray whenever they choose. In the cities, you have a lot of noise and many distractions, and it is hard to make time for quiet prayer. I should be the center of your life, and I ask My faithful to imitate Me in holiness. I know you have to work for a living, and you have many demands to take care of your car, home, and your family. I know your needs, and I will help you if you call on My assistance in prayer. You make many choices in life in how you spend your time. If you truly love Me, you will make some time in every day to pray to Me, and thank Me for all of My gifts. If you walk with Me every day in your daily consecration, I will be with you in all that you do to help you. If I am not a part of your life, then you will have twice the burden to carry. You all have to carry your cross of bearing life and its trials, but I am like Simon in helping you to carry your cross. When you share your quiet moments with Me in prayer, I can fill your heart with My love, and you can share your love with Me. Your soul will live on forever, so it is more important to guard your soul and feed it with My Eucharist, than the care of your body which is passing away. You are responsible to take care of your body, but the soul is the spiritual life that is united with Me.”