Friday, August 21, 2009: (St. Pius X)

Jesus said: “My people, at the one world people’s meetings they are planning how to quickly take over the United States because you are blocking their plans for a world government. Your people have known freedom for so long that it is hard to take it away without causing a revolution. The first plan was to try and crash your economic system and precipitate a martial law. Another part of this plan is to spend more money than America can afford and then cause a bankruptcy. This would bring about a new amero currency and the need for a one world government to force the North American Union on the people. Your new health plan could be the last expense that could bring about your bankruptcy. Do not allow the evil ones to force the North American Union upon you without a fight. Protest this control that the one world people are trying to force on you, and only follow My ways which do not include greed and control through chips. By rejecting the North American Union, My people could thwart their plans for world control.”